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Benjamin Chiche's internship

I am Benjamin CHICHE, currently going to a French Grande ecole. Doing an internship during summer holidays was compulsory. As I was interested in the sector of the IoT (especially with regard to data storage and analytics), I decided to join Alldonet as a trainee.

Sakai - July 2017.

Subjects of the internship

During my 5 weeks internship I was responsible for developing two data processing modules to help customers detect problems at their sites.

The requirements were to develop the solutions in python 2.7 language. Each solution had to be packaged into a library that could be easily integrated to AMON, Alldonet's application platform for industrial IoT. Finally, I was asked to deliver automated test scripts to validate basic operations and error management.

Image processing
Data analysis Data analysis

What I learnt thanks to the internship

Technical aspects

Putting in practice what I learned theoretically at university allowed me to assimilate a lot of knowledge. Especially, I understood how important the making of robust test programs is. Good test coverage is important because it guarantees at the same time performance, scalability and evolutivity of application programs.

Also, applying HTTP protocol in order to connect application and virtual machine was a totally new approach for me. In this context I learned a lot about the protocol and the importance of binary-to-text encoding.

Finally it was great to have the opportunity to apply the data clustering methods I learned at university (kmeans, DBSCAN). This experience opened new perspectives on how to use these methods to solve real world problems.

Non-technical aspects

I also want to highlight how much I learned from non-technical point of views.

From day one I was fully integrated to the company, following the exact same process as employees. As part of that process I joined the daily group meetings. These frequent and fast-paced meetings allow the company to clarify the situation and make adjustments on daily basis. We used Trello to efficiently manage group works and communications between different teams (electronics, customer service, cloud service...).

Also opinions from customers who came into the office were really interesting.

Finally, I learnt a lot when it came to pass-over internship work to engineering team. Clear documentations and reports were crucial.

What I appreciated during the internship

When it comes to do an internship in small and medium‐sized enterprises, it is crucial to responsibly deal with tasks that are attributed to you - this is one of things I have learned throughout this internship.

Furthermore, I was also allowed to some extent liberty and thanks to it I could apply my own ideas. Especially I made an original approach when it came to image processing - the use of a particular color conversion - and thanks to that I gained self-confidence in my ability to promote innovative ideas.

Apart from that, thanks to the small size of the company there was a proximity between each workers. That was very helpful when it came to discuss technical and other topics. Even some diners and karaoke parties with colleagues were very nice and made our co-working very effective.

Farewell party

My contributions

First, I developed and proposed two data mining algorithms and a complete data-processing plugin for a cloud application platform.

Then, I introduced Alldonet team to modern data mining tools such as Jupyter Notebook, Anaconda and Spyder.

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