Adding IoT Features to an Existing Product


IMV CORPORATION manufactures industrial measurement equipment including vibration testing equipment, seismometers and vibrometers at its headquarters in Osaka.

Example application: Long period monitoring system

The vibration monitoring was conducted at a bridge over the Yoshino River in the Shikoku region.

What problem did you experience
before working with us?

At the time we had developed a new sensor product designed for infrastructure across the whole country. The sensor was for monitoring bridges and tunnels, and it was necessary to have a system with which the end user could view and handle data conveniently.

We thought that the Internet of Things, or the Cloud would be perfect, but we didnʼt have the know-how. Thatʼs why we decided to outsource the work to a cloud services company.

Why did you choose Alldonet
to help solve this problem?

We had been in communication with all sorts of different companies before choosing Alldonet. We had even gotten quotes from some major companies, but they were in units of 100 million yen easily, and whatʼ s more, we had to finalize specifications from the start. When we started the project we were still at the stage of hashing out how we would put the system in place, so our R&D and the scale of the planning was not suitable. We needed a development method that was flexible and incremental.

Alldonet presented us with the perfect plan. Their initial budget was within our reach, and they added functionality to the prototype in stages in accordance with our needs, making improvements based on our feedback to give us the perfect solutions.

What are your thoughts on working with Alldonet? What did you find to be outstanding?

Alldonet deals with small changes straight away, and they are able to suggest improvements. ( “We have been saved time and time again by Alldonetʼ s quick response time. If we tell them something, they are required to take care of it the same day, which is normally impossible.” ) Furthermore, they also have knowledge in mathematics, and they were able to take care of things like FFT analysis for us.

We have made inquiries at other companies, but many of them do not know what FFT is. Even if they did, they would refuse to integrate FFT into the system. In contrast, Alldonet ported the IMV FFT algorithm onto the cloud without any issues.

Whatʼ s more, it was easy to set up meetings with Alldonet as they have a location in Osaka. Communication went smoothly. Alldonet engineers also requested a meeting with us once a month of their own accord. How they followed up with the development schedule was extremely helpful.

By the way, did you ever think that you were working with French people during this project?

Absolutely not. The communication was so smooth I thought I was working with Japanese people. They have a strong understanding of the needs of the manufacturing industry in Japan

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