We provide technologies to connect control systems to the Web and mobile devices. (Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX, Japan)

We provide a solution to manage vibration measurements in the cloud. It is based on our standard AMON service. (Japan)

We provide a solution to automate the reporting of field data from many sites. It is a customisation of AMON's Report Generation feature. (Japan)

We built a process control system based on open-source hardware. (Japan)

Remote monitoring of process control equipment. ART engineers used AMON Web API to develop their own cloud connection software. (France)

50-Technicians Factory

We developed a system to track the manufacturing of personalized products. It is a vertical application built on top of AMON platform. (Japan)

Device Manufacturer

We developed a wireless sensor network to report wildlife intrusions into rural lands. (Japan)

Device Manufacturer

A device manufacturer integrates AMON with their sensors and control technologies to provide total system management solutions to their customers. (Japan)


AFERSYS is our exclusive distributor and provides local support for our solutions in France and Maghreb. (France)