Building Damage Monitoring System

On each floor of a building, a high-precision sensor which detects vibration and acceleration, will determine the damage caused to the building by an earthquake comparing monitored data before and after the earthquake.

Data Analysis

Waveform & FFT acceleration
(for each floor,X, Y, Z)

Seismic intensity
(for each floor)

Displacement trajectory
(for each floor)

Damage Evaluation

Acceleration, angle and seismic intensity distribution
(for each floor)


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Specifications Overview


Cloud functions

Sensor Description

High-performance vibration sensor HM-0013
Simultaneous triple axis vibration measurement

With the new developed acceleration sensor module, everything from the detection of long earthquake to the building health monitoring can be measured.

Before, it was difficult to measure vibration below 1gal. Frequency below 1Hz was also hard to catch. For these purposes, the new compact and robust HM-0013 have been developed and can respond to a wide range of need for structures like bridges or buildings.

Usage example

Contact information

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Note: The appearance and specification of the sensor may change due to improvements.