2016/12/06 - France-Japan Innovation Forum 2016

Alldonet presented its IoT Solution Services as part of the French Tech Kansai team. Mr Dana, Ambassador of France in Japan, and Mr Mourlevat, Minister Advisor of Economics came visit our stand.

2016/11/16 - Japan SMEs Tech & Services 2016

Alldonet presented its IoT solutions for manufacturers and industrial users at the Japan SMEs Tech & Services 2016 exposition in Osaka.

2016/11/14 - TOKYO Innovation Leaders Summit

Two days to pitch Alldonet to six big companies at ILS!

2016/10/21 - OPU Tech-thon

This year we are helping Osaka Prefecture University with training their students to open-innovation by participating to their Tech-thon 5-month long project.

2016/10/07 - Pitching Alldonet at DMM.make

We pitched Alldonet at DMM.make AKIBA, during an event made in collaboration with La French Tech Tokyo and Lyon French Tech.

2016/09/20 - IoT talk at Kansai Network System

Alldonet talked about doing IoT with open-source hardware to fellow enterpreneurs at KNS. Conclusion: let's try it out!

2016/08/04 - Presentating the French Tech Ticket

Alldonet teamed-up with French Tech Tokyo to present the French Tech Ticket program at Osaka Innovation Hub.

2016/06/24 - Business Evolution à-la S-Cube

In a new brochure our incubator S-Cube explains how they help new ventures. Alldonet stands at level 2 in their 3-steps scale (Founding, Growth, Graduation).

2016/06/10 - Presenting CCIFJ to the Kansai

First team-up with M. Benjamin Costa of CCIFJ Kansai Desk, and Knowledge Capital to introduce the chamber and its services to Osaka entrepreneurs.

2016/04/08 - CCIFJ banner

Our first banner started appearing this month on CCIFJ's site! -

2016/03/25 - Panel discussion on IOT

In this month issue of MOOV,TALK our CEO Laurent Safa shared his thoughts about IoT.

2016/01/28 - Award for Best SME

Alldonet was designated Best SME of the year at the French Business Awards 2016 organised by CCIFJ in Tokyo! Read the article on the CCIFJ website.

2015/11/13 - Website renewal

We are pleased to announce the renewal of our website. We will continue to update you with our new products and service lines in a clear and attractive manner. Stay tuned! -

2015/10/13 - In the press

Our CEO Laurent Safa shares his professional experience in Japan in this month issue of CCIFJ magazine FRANCE JAPON ECO. The article is available both in print form and online here.

2015/08/12 - AMON Trailer

Here is a trailer of our future AMON system, available soon !

2015/07/31 - Preparing for Website Renewal

Getting ready for a major upgrade of our product next autumn, Vincent started working on our website renewal.

2015/06/31 - Bigger Office

Alldonet just moved to a bigger office and is now rebooting operations.

2015/05/13 - CCIFJ Presentation

Alldonet gave a speech at the French Chamber of Commerce conference about Business Continuity after big disasters, see the details.

2015/04/09 - CCIFJ Article

The French Chamber of Commerce in Japan issued an article about Alldonet on their website.

2015/04/03 - Mirapla's release

Today is the release of our Mirapla system, allowing Kyowa Dental to improve their process on their production site with a RFID authentification and data sending to the cloud.

2015/04/01 - New Member

Vincent joined the team to be in charge of Quality Assurance and Process Control.

2015/03/12 - First Patent

A first step towards becoming a serious technology company, we registered our first patent! -

2014/11/20 - New Engineer

Today Angel joined Alldonet as our new engineer in Tokyo. He'll be responsible of cloud and web application developments.

2014/10/28 - Engineering in Tokyo

Starting the second half of November, Alldonet will have engineering operations in Minatoku, the busiest business district of Tokyo.

2014/04/09 - Website Renewal

Overall changes to the website design, more contents and finally a full English translation.

2014/03/27 - Original Hardware

Engaged in the development of Alldonet's own hardware to better serve our industrial customers.

2014/01/27 - Tokyo

Started doing business in Tokyo area.

2013/11/10 - Recruit

Two new recruits for better customer service and increased development capacity.

2013/10/23 - First Exhibition

Joint exhibition with Passworld (YK) at Osaka Industry Exhibition 2013.

2013/09/03 - Castrol Challenge

Among the five finalists of Castrol innoVentures 20/20 Challenge 2013 in Shanghai, out of 500 candidate companies.

2013/08/12 - Subsidies Approval

Alldonet's new technology development project approved for subsidies by the METI.

2013/07/12 - First Mobile App

Alldonet's first mobile application, thanks to the hard work of our MIT interns.

2013/06/24 - Interns from the MIT of Boston

Two more interns from MIT, they will complete a new product development within 3 months.

2013/03/04 - Internship Activity

Our first intern from OPU (Osaka Prefecture University), will be joined shortly by two others.

2012/12/21 - Service Opening

Opening of our remote monitoring service portal.

2012/11/15 - Home Page

Opening of our first web site created by partner company goodcircle.

2012/09/05 - Office Opening

Opening of our office at S-Cube Business Incubation Center.

2012/07/17 - First Lecture at OPU

Sharing knowledge about engineering with PhD students at OPU as part of their Advanced Education Program.

2012/06/01 - The Beginning

Alldonet Co.,Ltd. is established as a Japanese corporation in the city of Sakai, Osaka prefecture.