Build IoT Products

You have a successful product line, with a strong customer base. To keep up with the market demand you want to go beyond the PC, connect your product to the cloud, collect and analyse big volume of data, and provide new services.

You investigated the possibility to outsource the development of a cloud-based system. But you found out this path to be too costly and time-consuming. Furthermore, outsourcing requires knowing all requirements in advance, which you do not. You are in search of an incremental method that will help bring your connected product to market in a series of small steps, allowing your team to refine the requirements at any time in the development process.

We can help you get a working prototype in weeks, and a complete product in a few months, thanks to AMON, Alldonet IoT Solution Platform.

See our case study Adding IoT Features to an Existing Product for an example application of Alldonet IoT for Products. It corresponds to the development of Building Data Monitoring System for IMV Corporation.

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wireless installation

waveform & fft

seismic intensity

displacement trajectory

intensity distribution

map of installations

remote configuration