IoT Tool for System Integrators

You build IT systems. Recently your clients started asking for new kinds of features like sending data to the cloud, displaying reports in the browser, fetching open data from public servers, or centralizing the management of several sites with remote sensors and gateways.

Your team of engineers is well-versed in embedded systems, client-server, IP networks, and SQL databases. But you need to bring new expertise to put in place the cloud and IoT systems requested by your clients.

We can support you by giving your team power-user access to AMON, Alldonet IoT Solution Platform. Thanks to its multitenancy support you will be able to create new accounts for each of your client in just a few clicks. Then you will use AMON CMS features and AMON Tags to quickly develop rich application pages that work on all compliant browsers.

See Building Data Monitoring System for an example of an application developed with AMON.

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