Alldonet Team

Founding CEO
Laurent Safa

Laurent Safa established Alldonet Co.,Ltd. in the city of Sakai, Japan, during summer 2012.

His vision is to grow Alldonet into a leading provider of innovative services to help industrial players streamline their field operations. Laurent Safa sees Alldonet as an equal-opportunity, diverse, innovative technology company that puts its customers and employees first.


Laurent Safa started walking the path of Information Technology Engineering for the industry after graduating from École Centrale de Lille in 1990. In France and England, he took part in solution developments for the Defense (THOMSON-CSF) and metallurgy industries.

In 1997, he moved to Osaka, Japan, to join the Advanced R&D Laboratory of Panasonic headquarters. During his 12 years tenure Laurent Safa conducted new technology research projects in the fields of Building Automation, Smart Home, Device Networks and Software Automation.

In 2009, Laurent Safa joined Silver Egg, the company that introduced recommendation services to Japan, as their Director of Engineering. He worked closely with the CEO to rationalize the service production process. Their efforts helped increase the engineering productivity severalfold.

Beside Alldonet, Laurent Safa is also lecturer at College and Graduate School of Engineering of Osaka Prefecture University (OPU). He is also guest lecturer for the Advanced Topics Course on Diffusion of Innovation, at Kwansei Gakuin University Institute of Business and Accounting. He is married to a wonderful Japanese wife and has two great children. He lives in Sakai city.


Some of below patents when written while working for other companies.

Current activities

Past activities

Solution Engineering
Cyril Perissol

After graduating from Telecom SudParis, a French IT engineering Grande Ecole, in 2004, Cyril Perissol started working as a software engineer in South of France.

In 2006 he moved to Japan to work in the embedded software development industry. In 2009, he joined the Japanese branch of a French company delivering IT and marketing research services to the pharmaceutical industry. Starting as a software engineer and data analyst, he ended up coordinating development projects with France and managing the IT team in Japan.

In 2013, after taking a break traveling through Japan and other parts of the world, Cyril Perissol joined Alldonet as a Solution Engineer to work on new exciting IT development projects.

Apart from his job, Cyril Perissol enjoys bouldering, movies and traveling.

Quality Assurance
Vincent Martinez

Vincent Martinez graduated his Web Programming degree in 2012 in Paris.

After a first experience working for a french E-learning company as a contents producer, he moved to Japan and joined Alldonet in 2015.

Vincent is now in charge of Quality Assurance and after-sales technology support.