Alldonet - Your IoT technology provider

WYSIWYG Editor in the Browser!

All features of our Web service are configurable directly in the browser, from the detailed parameters of each device in the field to the installations monitoring pages.
  • Model editor
  • Data processing logic
  • Monitoring screen


Ready-to-use IoT core

AMON is our flagship product. It is a Cloud Service Platform to help you quickly add original IoT services to your equipment. AMON software is delivered to your company as a service (SaaS).
  • Weekly service upgrades
  • Custom WebApp
  • Web APIs
  • Applications

    Optimize your field operations with IoT

    Alldonet service is used in production by many industrial companies in Japan, from Osaka to Tokyo. We work hand-in-hand with our customers to make sure our service is always in tune with their constantly evolving needs.
  • Add IoT capabilities to legacy equipment
  • Speed-up process with automation in the cloud
  • Monitor status of factory floor in real-time
  • Your IoT product

    A team at your service

    Alldonet team is always ready to take new challenges. Following the agile principles, and starting from our existing technology stack, we will work hand-in-hand with your product team. Together we will bring original services to market, quickly, safely.
  • Connect to cloud
  • Remote everything
  • Mobile interface
  • AMON Ready

    AMON is designed from the ground up for interoperability. Its user-interface runs on all devices with a compliant browser. On the field side, we have experience integrating with all major embedded systems.
    Let's work with yours next!